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Generic Instructions: CUPS, no spooler

The properties of this printer are not yet entered into the database
This printer is only listed here because it is in the list of supported printers of the entries for the drivers shown below.


The following driver(s) are known to drive this printer:

Postscript-KONICA_MINOLTA  (driver home page)
Manufacturer-supplied PPD files for KONICA MINOLTA's PostScript printers
Supplier: KONICA MINOLTA (this printer's manufacturer)
License: GPL 2 or later (free software)
Color output   Type: PostScript
Text:||||||||||  100Graphics:||||||||||  100System Load:Unknown
Line Art:||||||||||  100Photo:||||||||||  100Speed:Unknown
Download:Driver packages: All architectures: 20130226 (RPM for LSB 3.2) (Signed), 20130226 (DEB for LSB 3.2) (Signed) (How to install)
PPD file: View PPD, directly download PPD