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HP LaserJet 3100
Black & White laser printer, max. 600x600 dpi, this is a Paperweight


Contrib URL: /download/printing/hplj_3100_3150/


Multifunction device - copier/scanner/fax/etc.

PCL 4 emulation appears to be host-based.

Known variants: 3100xi (US retail), 3100se (US business). 3100 is international model.

Not usable with free software: an HP tech support person told that half of the 3100's functionality is handled by the Windows-only drivers. Thus, even if you were on a Windows machine and go to the DOS prompt, doing "DIR > LPT1:" will fail; everything has to go through the windows drivers. (sigh)

According to the hpoj project:

...if you have a LaserJet 3150 connected to an HP JetDirect 70X/170X/300X/500X with firmware x.08.xx or later, you can scan using the JetDirect's embedded web server.

So this is a multifunction device that only scans!

If you have the luxury of a seperate MS Windows box, you can share the printer in the following manner:

After installing the normal drivers and JetSuite (HP software), add yet another printer. Use the LPT1: port and HP LasertJet II as the driver, then share this printer. You can now access this share via Linux as an SMB client; use the vanilla "laserjet" driver. The PCL emulation will complain, though the printout is fine thus far. You can turn off the complaints by editing your $WINDIR\JETSUITE.INI and in the "[PCLEmulation]" section, set "DisplayWarning=no".

Reverse-engeneering efforts on the printer's protocol have already started, but were not finished. Anyone who makes this device finally working with free software please report on the the HP Forum here on OpenPrinting.

Unfortunately, this printer has a little hardware problem: The paper separation pad hardens with the time and the printer pulls in several sheets of paper at once. HP is aware of this and offers a kit to fix this without needing to disassemble the printer for free. It can be ordered for delivery into any country via their web site.

Consumables/Refills: cartridge