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Epson PX 5500
Color inkjet printer, max. 5760x1440 dpi, works Mostly
Recommended Driver: gutenprint (Home page)
Generic Instructions: CUPS, no spooler


Printer supports direct text printing with the 'us-ascii' charset.


Japanese equivalent of R2400.

8-color (CcMmYKkk) A3/tabloid prosumer printer using "UltraChrome K3" inkset. Successor to the 2100/2200. Light light black produces very smooth grayscale prints. Interchangeable matte black and photo black inksets; matte black ink must not be used on glossy paper. Maximum resolution is 2880x2880 (Epson claims 5760x1440; Gutenprint uses 2880x2880). Minimum drop size is 3.5 pl. Support level is somewhere between partial and mostly (additional tuning may be required).



The following driver(s) are known to drive this printer:

Recommended driver:

gutenprint  (driver home page)
Top Quality Printer Drivers for inkjets, dye sublimation printers, and PCL lasers
Supplier: Gutenprint project
License: GPL (free software)
User support:Gutenprint mailing list at SourceForge (voluntary)
Color output   Type: CUPS Raster
Text:||||||||||  90Graphics:||||||||||  100System Load:Unknown
Line Art:||||||||||  90Photo:||||||||||  100Speed:||||||||||  60