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License for the driver splix



   Principally, this driver is free software under the GPL, but take
   note on the following restriction:

   For some of the printers which this driver supports (Currently
   Samsung CLP-200, CLP-300, CLP-600, CLX-216x, CLX-2170, CLX-3160,
   Xerox Phaser 6110), it uses a JBIG software module for data

   It is possible that certain products which can be built using the
   JBIG software module might form inventions protected by patent
   rights in some countries (e.g., by patents about arithmetic coding
   algorithms owned by IBM and AT&T in the USA). Provision of this
   software by the original author and OpenPrinting does NOT include
   any licences for any patents. In those countries where a patent
   licence is required for certain applications of this software
   module, you will have to obtain such a licence yourself.

   The driver can be built without the JBIG module, but then it will
   not support the above-mentioned printer models any more.

   Only versions 1.1.x and newer are affected. The older versions
   1.0.x do not use the JBIG software for all supported

   Additional note: The patent will expire on April 4, 2012. From then
   on, there are no patents on the JBIG compression algorithm anu