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This driver is free software.
Type: Filter

Generic Instructions: CUPS, no spooler, PPD aware applications/clients,

Important for Windows clients: The CUPS PostScript driver for Windows has a bug which makes it choking on PPD files which contain GUI texts longer than 39 characters. Therefore it is recommended to use Adobe's PostScript driver. If you still want to use the CUPS driver, please mark "GUI texts limited to 39 characters" to get an appropriate PPD file.

Select printer:
the PPD file



Alternative download address: www.ultra5.de.

Note: The "make install" of this driver renames the filter into "pbm2ppa" so that one can make use of SuSEs apsfilter for the HP DeskJet 720. For Foomatic this is not necessary and for distributions this is even a problem. Therefore the Foomatic files, which you can generate here, use the original name. So simply copy the executable file "pbm2l230" into /usr/bin instead of calling "make install".


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