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This driver is free software.
Type: Ghostscript built-in

Generic Instructions: CUPS, no spooler, PPD aware applications/clients,

Important for Windows clients: The CUPS PostScript driver for Windows has a bug which makes it choking on PPD files which contain GUI texts longer than 39 characters. Therefore it is recommended to use Adobe's PostScript driver. If you still want to use the CUPS driver, please mark "GUI texts limited to 39 characters" to get an appropriate PPD file.

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This driver is available in the Ghostscript Printer Application

Replacement for the ljet4 Ghostscript driver intended to enhance the image output quality with Floyd-Steinberg dithering. Unfortunately, this driver has problems with the margins. The document is not placed exactly at the same position as with the "ljet4" driver. The page seems to be shifted to the upper right, probably due to the upper and right unprintable borders not taken into account. Therefore the driver is not used any more together with "ljet4" in the same PPD files, with an option to switch between the two.

To get higher output quality you can set Well-Tempered screening when you use the "ljet4" driver with Ghostscript 8.x or later, which is the recommended replacement for "lj4dith". Or use HPIJS or Gimp-Print.


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