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Samsung SmartGDI driver (Samsung ML-4500, Lexmark E210, and similar)

Bug in SmartGGI driver

The original driver from Samsung has a bug. It
does not print all files. The driver compresses the page's bitmap in
bands. If a band happens to have a size bigger than 64 kB after
compressing the printer cannot print it. Please apply the patch
gdevgdi-6.x-7.x-64k-bands-gtaylor.patch using the command

patch -p1 < gdevgdi-6.x-7.x-64k-bands-gtaylor.patch

to the gdevgdi.c file of GNU or ESP GhostScript 6.x or 7.x to fix the
problem (patch made by Grant Taylor).

To allow compiling GhostScript in the "-traditional" mode of gcc
(seems to be default for GNU and/or AFPL GhostScript) you need the
patch gdevgdi-6.x-7.x-traditional-compile-auspensky.patch from Antony

patch -p1 < gdevgdi-6.x-7.x-traditional-compile-auspensky.patch

The archive Samsung-SmartGDI-all-GS.tar.gz has the patch already
applied, all other files in this directory not.

For the original gdevgdi.c file issued by Samsung for GhostScript 5.50
use the patch gdevgdi-orig-64k-bands-gtaylor-auspensky.patch from
Antony Uspensky.

See his posting on the Samsung Forum:


It seems `gdi' driver will not work properly if compiled in
`-traditional' gcc mode (which is default for current gs): it uses
`\x' escape sequences. So I suggest to publish a patch fixing both the
problems with the driver.

The patch is enclosed. It should be applied to the _original_ code by
Samsung (with `_ds').

Also, it would be great if someone will take a job to incorporate this
patched driver into gs (at least into GPLed gs) - sorry, I have no
time for this process.


Universal package for GS 6.x, 7.x and newer


Unpack the tarball (tar -xvzf <filename>) and read the instructions which
come with it.

Original Software for GS 5.50


Unpack the tarball (tar -xvzf <filename>) and read the instructions which
come with it.

Patches for GS 6.53/7.04


Instructions from the contributor (Ramon Medina, rmedina at rochester
dot rr dot com):

	All you have to do is extract Ghostscript then change the gs7.04 
directory and bunzip2 or gunzip the patch there, then run 'patch -p1 -i 
gs7.04-gdi.patch' which will change the necessary files and create the 
gdevgdi.c driver source file.
	Once you do that just remember to extract jpeg, libpng, and zlib in 
there and you can ./configure, make, make install, put the fonts where
need to go and you're all done with ghostscript.
	The rest depends on what kind of filter you're using and there's 
instructions on this site for those.  Good luck.

	For GhostScript 6.53 proceed the same way with the GS 6.53 patch.

Samsung SmartGDI and MagicFilter 1.2


If you are using MagicFilter 1.2, you can use this filter with the
driver (developed on Debian Potato, contributed by Felix E. Klee,
felix dot klee at inka dot de). To install it you have to uncompress
it and to copy it into your MagicFilter directory (/etc/magicfilter on
Debian). This file does not work with newer versions of MagicFilter.