I have made an installer.... The whole process is much simpler now and the old way could do some bad things if you wanted to use a different printer.

Here it is:

pnm2ppa_Installer.dmg (asu does not have their server set up right so you probably have to control click to download this, nothing I can do about it, sorry)

As always you should back up your data first :)

If you want to look at the old instructions they are still alive at http://www.public.asu.edu/~gkruse/old.html but you really shouldn't use them. I am leaving them there because anyone who used them before needs to undo everything before using the installer. The installer does basically the same thing without the side effects, plus you get to control the settings on your printer!!!

Good luck and happy printing, tell me how it goes.

After you run the installer :
Open Print Center
hold down the option key and click add
from the pulldown menu choose advanced
Under device select your printer... if it does not show up it is not connected!!!
Under printer model choose other choose /Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/en.lproj/HP-DeskJet_722C-pnm2ppa-ppd.ppd (or the ppd with your printer name)
Click add

That should be it, I hope this helps. I have submitted my installer to the folks at www.linuxprinting.org, hopefully they will add it to the mac os x section. If you need any additional help that would be a good place to go, or you can e-mail me geoff@blinkey.kicks-ass.org

If you used this installer and it helped you PLEASE post to the MacOS X list at www.linuxprinting.org and tell them that you want this added to the MacOS X section. I have tried but no one will listen to me. I can't keep the installer posted here forever, I will be leaving ASU next fall and they will take away my web space!!!

Geoff Kruse