cups2pegg - The CUPS Plugin for pegg HOWTO

Copyright (C) 2004 Daniel Amkreutz (public key)

What is this all about

In this howto i will describe how you can add your custom label dimensions
to the cups2pegg plugin.

What will I need ?

The folowing things are needed: From the CUPS DDK you will only need the ppd-compiler (ppdc). This tool will use the drv files
included in the cups2pegg tarball to generate a corresponding ppd (Postscript Printer Description).
These files include the neccessary information to handle postscript printers within cups.
Of course our labelprinters are not postscript printers but the cups2pegg backend accepts a
postscript document as an input which is converted into a raw-file that can be
sent to the printer using pegg or pegg_el.

What to do ?

Assuming that you have already the dimensions of your desired label in pixels (if not then you
must calculate those. These printers have 200dpi resolution), you can start editing the drv file.
You can now use your own label geometry.