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Lexmark 5000 Initialisation, Maintenance
and Paper Movement Commands

Uncertain elements are coloured orange; unknown elements are coloured red.

Initialisation Commands

The following shorthand is employed for three-byte command prefixes:

In the Windows 5000 driver, the commands for each page commence with the sequence that follows.  This sequence is essentially unvarying for any paper size, print density or pen usage.

Maintenance Commands

The following maintenance commands are associated with the head cleaning and alignment printing functions. They are thoughtfully provided by Lexmark in the files c:\windows\system\jolxcln.out & c:\windows\system\jolxalgn.out, which contain the printer commands for head cleaning and alignment, respectively, for the combination of black and colour cartridges, and the files c:\windows\system\jolxphcl.out & c:\windows\system\jolxphal.out, which perform the same functions for the combination of photo and colour cartridges.

Paper Movement Commands

There are two known commands that are specific to paper movement.

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