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HPIJS enhancement patches


Matthias Bunte (M_Bunte at web dot de)

Adapted to HPIJS 1.2.x and HPIJS 1.4.1 by

Richard Spencer-Smith (richardss at users dot sourceforge dot net)

Adapted to HPIJS 1.3 by

Till Kamppeter (till dot kamppeter at gmx dot net)


Jun 23, 2003: Adapted the patch for black text printing to HPIJS 1.4.1 (should
              also work with HPIJS 1.4)

Nov  2, 2002: HPIJS 1.3 is out and has now the 600 dpi presentation
              and 1200 dpi photo modes for the DeskJet 900 series included,
	      but not the changes for using only the black cartridge for black
	      text. This can be done with a new patch (hpijs-1.3-rss.1.patch).

Oct 15, 2002: Duplex in the 600 dpi presentation mode did not
              work. This is now fixed (in hpijs-1.2.2-rss.2.patch).


This directory contains patches to improve HP's HPIJS printer drivers.
You will get the following improvements:

HPIJS 1.4.1, 1.4, 1.3, and 1.2.x 

  - Changed color modes to use the black cartridge for black text when
    printing in color (for DJ6xx, DJ8xx, DJ9xx).

HPIJS 1.2.x

  - Added Presentation Mode (600x600dpi, plain paper) for DJ9xx series.
  - Added HiRes Photo Mode (1200x1200dpi, photo paper) for DJ9xx series.


README.txt                This file
gs_hpijs.png              Figure for hpijs_readme.html
hpijs-1.4.1-rss.1.patch   Patch for HPIJS 1.4 and 1.4.1
hpijs-1.3-rss.1.patch     Patch for HPIJS 1.3
hpijs-1.2.2-rss.2.patch   Patch for HPIJS 1.2.2
hpijs-1.2.1-rss.1.patch   Patch for HPIJS 1.2.1 (no duplex with 600 dpi
hpijs-1.2.2-rss.1-to-rss.2.patch: Patch upgrading from hpijs-1.2.2-rss.1
			  to hpijs-1.2.2-rss.2.patch
hpijs_readme.html         HPIJS documentation with new modes (for 1.2.x)


Download the patch from this directory (Right-click, "Save link
target as ..."), download also HPIJS from Put
both into the same directory and do (example for HPIJS 1.4.1):

tar zvxf hpijs-1.4.1.tar.gz
patch -p0 < hpijs-1.4.1-rss.1.patch
cd hpijs-1.4.1
make install

Do "touch malloc.h" before "./configure" when you are using Mac OS X.

For all printers use the PPD files from

HPIJS 1.4.1
   Files coming with the package or

HPIJS 1.4 and 1.3

HPIJS 1.2.x

(driver "hpijs-rss") and follow the "documentation" links to know how
to set up your printer with these files.

If you have HPIJS 1.2.1 and want to have duplex support for 600 dpi
presentation, either update to HPIJS 1.2.2 (recommended) or try to
apply hpijs-1.2.2-rss.1-to-rss.2.patch after having applied

Printers of the DJ9xx series:

HP DeskJet 916C
HP DeskJet 920C
HP DeskJet 930C
HP DeskJet 932C
HP DeskJet 933C
HP DeskJet 934C
HP DeskJet 935C
HP DeskJet 940C
HP DeskJet 948C
HP DeskJet 950C
HP DeskJet 952C
HP DeskJet 955C
HP DeskJet 957C
HP DeskJet 959C
HP DeskJet 970C
HP DeskJet 975C
HP DeskJet 1220C
HP DeskJet 3810
HP DeskJet 3816
HP DeskJet 3820
HP DeskJet 3822
HP PhotoSmart P1000
HP PhotoSmart P1100
HP OfficeJet G55
HP OfficeJet G85
HP OfficeJet G95
HP OfficeJet K60
HP OfficeJet K80
HP OfficeJet V40
HP PSC 750
HP PSC 950
HP 2000C


This is the unmodified Readme file for Matthias Bunte's original patch. 
I have left it in the patch because it is still the authoritive source 
of the changes he has made. However, HP have changed the interface to 
hpijs from  Ghostscript, so ignore section 3 of this document, and
instead consult the (modified) hpijs_readme.html, or have a look at
the "hpijs-rss" PPD files available at

Richard Spencer-Smith. 14th October, 2002.


 This file explains the changes I made to improve the print quality
of the first generation HP Deskjet 9xx-series printers.
I also made some minor changes to improve the print quality of
all other printers.


1. Disadvantages of the hpijs-driver compared to Windows (tm) drivers

2. Improvements of this patch

3. How to use hpijs for the DeskJet 9XX-series

4. Still to do

1. Disadvantages of the hpijs-driver compared to Windows (tm) drivers

 With the HP printer driver for Windows (tm) all capabilities of the
printer are directly usable. Photos are printable on photo paper with
best quality as well as presentation text as well as fast printouts.
There is also a toolbox which can do some special functions like print
head cleaning, show remaining ink etc.
 The APDK from HP is now adopted into the hpijs-driver to make the
special functions and printmodes available with unix-systems. But the
standard mode has worse quality than the "Normal"-mode within
Windows (tm). The only modes which are really useful are the photo

2. Improvements of this patch

 By examing the source code of the print system I tried to understand
which functions are built in that are not user accessible. My aims are
to make all three standard print modes available, to improve photo
printing even more and to implement the toolbox functions. The
standard print modes are "Draft", "Normal" and "Presentation".
 First I detected that the printer uses the color pen even when printing
black text. Because of this the text printings are so bad. I changed this
for all printers except for the DJ600 when printing with a CMY-pen.
 Next I started to experiment with the print modes and resolutions. I
extended the count of printer modes to 6 (0 - 5):
- Mode 0 = Grayscale mode, draft, 300 dpi (unchanged)
- Mode 1 = Normal mode, 300 dpi color, 600 dpi black/white (unchanged)
- Mode 2 = Photo mode, gossimier paper, 600 dpi color, no black (unchanged)
- Mode 3 = Presentation mode, 600 dpi color & b/w, (new)
- Mode 4 = Photo mode, gossimier paper, 1200 dpi color, no black (new)
- Mode 5 = Draft mode, 300 dpi color & b/w (new)
 With these mode settings the printer can be used for paper printouts and
photos very well. I do not have additional transfer tables for the colors
so I do not know how to make modes for transparents and the other paper

3. How to use hpijs for the DeskJet 9XX-series

 The modes are dependent on the resolution settings of ghostscript! In
the following lines are examples how to use this driver with ghostscript.
Replace "" by your source to print and "OutputFile.pcl" by
your desired destination filename. This file can directly be printed. Or
use ghostscript in a printing filter system.

Mode 0 (Grayscale Mode):
 gs -sDEVICE=hpijs -sDeviceName=DJ9xx -dPrintMode=0 \
 -sOutputFile=OutputFile.pcl ~/

Mode 1 (Normal Mode):
 gs -sDEVICE=hpijs -sDeviceName=DJ9xx -dPrintMode=1 \
 -sOutputFile=OutputFile.pcl ~/

Mode 2 (Normal Photo Mode):
 gs -sDEVICE=hpijs -r600 -sDeviceName=DJ9xx -dPrintMode=2 \
 -sOutputFile=OutputFile.pcl ~/

Mode 3 (Presentation Mode):
 gs -sDEVICE=hpijs -r600 -sDeviceName=DJ9xx -dPrintMode=3 \
 -sOutputFile=OutputFile.pcl ~/

Mode 4 (Presentation Photo Mode):
 gs -sDEVICE=hpijs -r1200 -sDeviceName=DJ9xx -dPrintMode=4 \
 -sOutputFile=OutputFile.pcl ~/

Mode 5 (Draft Mode):
 gs -sDEVICE=hpijs -sDeviceName=DJ9xx -dPrintMode=5 \
 -sOutputFile=OutputFile.pcl ~/

4. Still to do

 It would be nice if the driver sets resolution automatic and to add
the ability of using different paper mediums. In this case the main 
driver has to be changed and ghostscript has to be recompiled.
 I like to have a toolbox like the toolbox in Windows (tm) but I did
not yet manage to examine the commands for this.

2001 by Matthias Bunte (M_Bunte at web dot de)