Linux-Kongress 2002, Cologne/Germany:
Tutorial on CUPS and Foomatic

These are the handout documents Till and Kurt had prepared for their tutorial on CUPS and Foomatic, held at "Linux-Kongress 2002" in Cologne/Germany (4th Sept 2002).

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[pdf] I.LinuxKongress-2002-kdeprint.pdf
808  kBytes
[.tar.gz] I.LinuxKongress-2002-kdeprint.tar.gz
492  kBytes
[DIR] II. Foomatic for Users 
[pdf] II.Foomatic-User.pdf
516  kBytes
[.tar.gz] II.Foomatic-User.tar.gz
300  kBytes
[DIR] III. PostScript and PPDs
[pdf] III.PostScript-and-PPDs.pdf
364  kBytes
[.tar.gz] III.PostScript-and-PPDs.tar.gz
16  kBytes
[DIR] IV. Foomatic for Developers
[pdf] IV.Foomatic-Developer.pdf
424  kBytes
[.tar.gz] IV.Foomatic-Developer.tar.gz
68  kBytes
[DIR] V. CUPS Filtering Architecture
[pdf] V.CUPS-Filtering-Architecture.pdf
436  kBytes
[.tar.gz] V.CUPS-Filtering-Architecture.tar.gz
28  kBytes
[DIR] VI CUPS Connections
[pdf] VI.CUPS-Connections.pdf
336  kBytes
[.tar.gz] VI.CUPS-Connections.tar.gz
32  kBytes
[pdf] VII.cups-help.pdf
460  kBytes
[.tar.gz] VII.cups-help.tar.gz
16  kBytes
[DIR] VIII. How to Contribute
[pdf] VIII.Foomatic-Contribution.pdf
272  kBytes
[.tar.gz] VIII.Foomatic-Contribution.tar.gz
12  kBytes
[DIR] IX. Printing with CUPS and Samba
[pdf] IX.CUPS-Samba.pdf
456  kBytes
[.tar.gz] IX.CUPS-Samba.tar.gz
16  kBytes

The tutorial handouts have been written in HTML. PDF versions of the documents have been produced by the marvellous tool "htmldoc". htmldoc is developed by Easy Software Products, the creators of now famous CUPS. It is able to transform HTML input files into PDF, PostScript or indexed HTML output.

htmldoc is GPL software. It runs on Linux, many Unices and even MS Windows. There is a GUI and a commandline version. You can use it as a CGI program running on your webserver, offering PDF production to your visitors.

You can save the settings of the GUI version into a so-called ".book" file. This *.book file can later be used as your base for commandline or batch-producing PDF. Obtain htmldoc from

For equal results use htmldoc version 1.8.22. For example, for easy reproduction of the "I.LinuxKongress-2002-kdeprint.pdf" just use the command

   htmldoc --batch
in the directory where you have saved the named *.book and all HTML and *.png source files. If you want the dialog controlled setup, use the command

and you can play with the settings (like change the PDF to be produced for letter size paper print, and much more).

The PDFs have the fonts used embedded, to make sure they display and print OK, not only with Acrobat Reader, but also with other PDF viewers (like gv or Ghostview). This makes the files a bit larger. To safe space and bandwidth, you can use the Tarballs. They include the HTML source files and images used. If you download the Source-Tarballs, you can generate your own PDF by using the same utility as we did: "htmldoc". Each tarball includes a "*.book" file which contains all settings used in our PDFs. Load this *.book-file into htmldoc to get the same PDF as we offer here.