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*: User-contributed printer entry which is not yet verified and/or proofread. The printer entry is not included in the Foomatic packages yet.


2700 XES
3700 XES
4045 XES
Document Centre 400
DocuPrint 4508
DocuPrint C20
DocuPrint C55
DocuPrint N17
DocuPrint N2125
DocuPrint N32
DocuPrint N3225
DocuPrint N4025
DocuPrint N4512
DocuPrint N4512PS
DocuPrint N4525
FaxCenter 2121
Phaser 3250D *
Phaser 3600B *
Phaser 4400DX
Phaser 6120
Phaser 6280 *
WorkCenter 7535 *
WorkCentre 24
WorkCentre 4118
WorkCentre 5335 *
WorkCentre 6605DN *
WorkCentre 7228
WorkCentre C2424
WorkCentre PE120
WorkCentre® 6515DNI MFP *
Xerox Phaser 6010N *
Xerox Phaser 6125N *


Able 1406
DocuColor 2006
DocuPrint C6
DocuPrint M750
DocuPrint M760
DocuPrint N24
DocuPrint N40
DocuPrint P12
DocuPrint P1202
DocuPrint P8e
FaxCentre 2218
Phaser 1235
Phaser 2135
Phaser 3110
Phaser 3124
Phaser 3150
Phaser 3160N
Phaser 3200MFP
Phaser 3400
Phaser 3450
Phaser 3500
Phaser 4400B
Phaser 4400DT
Phaser 4400N
Phaser 4500B
Phaser 4500DT
Phaser 4500DX
Phaser 4500N
Phaser 4510
Phaser 4510B
Phaser 4510DT
Phaser 4510DX
Phaser 4510N
Phaser 5500
Phaser 5500B
Phaser 5500DN
Phaser 5500DT
Phaser 5500DX
Phaser 5500N
Phaser 6100
Phaser 6110
Phaser 6110MFP *
Phaser 6115MFP
Phaser 6121MFP
Phaser 6130
Phaser 6130N
Phaser 6180
Phaser 6180DN
Phaser 6180MFP-D
Phaser 6200B
Phaser 6200DP
Phaser 6200DX
Phaser 6200N
Phaser 6250B
Phaser 6250DP
Phaser 6250DT
Phaser 6250DX
Phaser 6250N
Phaser 6300DN
Phaser 6300N
Phaser 6350DP
Phaser 6350DT
Phaser 6350DX
Phaser 6360
Phaser 6360DN
Phaser 6360DX
Phaser 7300B
Phaser 7300DN
Phaser 7300DT
Phaser 7300DX
Phaser 7300N
Phaser 7400
Phaser 7400DN
Phaser 7400DT
Phaser 7400DX
Phaser 7400DXF
Phaser 7400N
Phaser 7700DN
Phaser 7700DX
Phaser 7700GX
Phaser 7750B
Phaser 7750DN
Phaser 7750DXF
Phaser 7750GX
Phaser 7760
Phaser 7760DN
Phaser 7760DX
Phaser 7760GX
Phaser 790
Phaser 8200B
Phaser 8200DP
Phaser 8200DX
Phaser 8200N
Phaser 8400B
Phaser 8400BD
Phaser 8400DP
Phaser 8400DX
Phaser 8400N
Phaser 8500DN
Phaser 8500N
Phaser 8550DP
Phaser 8550DT
Phaser 8550DX
Phaser 8560
Phaser 8560DN
Phaser 860B
Phaser 860DP
Phaser 860DX
Phaser 860N
Phaser 8860
WorkCentre 4260
WorkCentre 7242
WorkCentre 7328
WorkCentre 7335
WorkCentre 7345
WorkCentre M118
WorkCentre M20
WorkCentre M24
WorkCentre Pro 128
WorkCentre Pro 133


Document Homecentre
DocuPrint C11
DocuPrint C8
DocuPrint XJ6C
DocuPrint XJ8C
WorkCentre 450cp
WorkCentre 470cx
WorkCentre 7232
WorkCentre XK35c

Unknown ???

Phaser 3010
Phaser 3040
WorkCentre 3045
WorkCentre 6015


5225 *
AltaLink C8055 *
ColorQube 9303 *
DocuPrint P8
Phaser 6125
VersaLink C7030 *
WorkCentre 3025 *
WorkCentre 3615 *
WorkCentre 385
WorkCentre 6027 *
workcentre 7120 *
Workcentre 7125 *
Workcentre PE220 *
WorkCentre XD120f
WorkCentre XE80
WorkCentre XE90fx
Xerox WorkCenter 3550 *
XEROX WorkCentre 7535 *
Xerox-WorkCentre-3119-Series *

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