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Canon BJC-5000
Color inkjet printer, max. 720x360 dpi, this is a Paperweight

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Dan Herrglock (?) reports on Usenet that this printer works "fine" with the bjc600 driver.
All other reports say that it's a paperweight, which makes sense since the very similar 5100 is definetly not using a known protocol.
Michael Cooke, CCSI Canon employee, reports that the BJC-5000 and 5100 are purely identical and are both Winprinters, truest to the form. He wonders how Dan got it to function...

Consumables/Refills: BC20 $36.99 BC-21e $52.99 BCI-21Bk $8.99 BCI-21Clr $21.99 BC-22e

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